4 days Escape To Zanzibar


  • Soak up the sun from the white sand beaches of Tanzania’s famous equatorial Island of Spice.
  • Discover the fascinating history and charming architecture of Stone Town.
  • Grab your snorkel and enter a world of surpassing beauty just beneath the waves.
  • Cruise the waters of the Indian Ocean on a traditional Arabian dhow.

Whether you’re looking for a restorative beach holiday or a convenient add-on to a more traditional East African safari, the archipelago of Zanzibar offers an alluring opportunity to escape from the hubbub of modern life. Take a stroll down the winding streets of Stone Town, sail along the coastline of the Indian Ocean on a triangular-rigged dhow, and tour the sprawling fields where cinnamon, vanilla, and cloves are cultivated with care. Your guide from Chalema Tanzania Safaris will help you to unlock the secrets of Zanzibar, a destination which is both quintessentially Tanzanian and unmistakably distinct from the mainland. Most visitors prefer to travel in Zanzibar between the months of June and October, when temperatures are mild and the spice harvest is underway—but we can arrange for an unforgettable escape to Zanzibar at any time of year.

Tailor-Made Safari Experiences

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