Tanzania Accommodations

Tanzania is home to several national parks and game reserves teeming with an extensive range of wildlife. And the perfect way to enjoy Safaris in Tanzania fully is by staying in the wonderful Tanzania Accommodations. You’ll have a range of options to select from – Game lodges, tented camps, and mobile camps.

So are you thrilled to spend your safari nights under the skies filled with a million stars? The following are 3 types of Tanzania Accommodations that you can choose from:

Game Lodges – Luxury combined with Tanzania’s wilderness!

These lodges are usually located very close to the national parks; for your convenience. Though there are some private concessions that you can choose as well. These types of accommodations focus on using eco-friendly resources that help in conserving the environment.

Central Facilities

  • Multiple dining lounges
  • Swimming Pools – Private and shared
  • A wide selection of comfortable en-suites

Tented Camps – Appreciate the scenic beauty of Tanzania from here!

These permanent Accommodations in Tanzania are generally located in amazingly scenic locations. Stay in these camps along riverbanks/lakesides or around a beautiful acacia grove. You will also get to hear the sounds of the African Bush while falling asleep. You’ll get to take plenty of snapshots and leave with nothing other than memories.

Central Facilities

  • Spacious canvas tents on the backdrop of scenic landscapes.
  • Full-sized beds in each tent.
  • A more private and secluded experience in the wilderness.

Mobile Camps – For those looking for an authentic Bush experience!

These camps have a lot in common with tented camps. But one major difference is that they are located in even more remote areas than their counterpart. They’re not the most luxurious option for visitors. But what it may lack in luxury it more than makes up for it in terms of authentic wilderness experiences.

Central Highlights

  • A complete remote and secluded experience – For those who want absolute privacy!
  • Stargazing – Witness countless stars above your head; right from your camp!
  • A fully authentic wilderness experience – out amidst the African Bush!

Stay in the accommodations – That is right for you!

You can choose from your most preferred option when it comes to Tanzania Accommodations. From luxury lodges to budget mobile camps, Tanzania has every kind of accommodation – fit for every kind of visitor.

Thus, enjoy some top-class facilities in the cosy accommodations of Tanzania. And leave with nothing but distinct memories.

Tailor-Made Safari Experiences

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