Mountain Climbing

If you’re a trekking lover, then Tanzania has plenty in store for you! It is home to two spectacular mountains – Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Below we’ll look at the experiences that each Mountain Climbing adventure offers. This way you can decide which trekking adventure you’d like to embark on. Or to have the best of both worlds – you can even combine your trek.

Mount Kilimanjaro – The African Crown Jewel!

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro isn’t an easy task – and you should know this. It takes a minimum of 5 days to reach the peak. Don’t be hesitant though – because some exercise and cardio will be very helpful for your trek. This is because you should be in fairly decent shape before your trek.

When you eventually reach the summit of the Roof of Africa, you’ll treasure the memories made along the way. And, appreciate the unforgettable views from the Roof of Africa.

Mount Meru – Ascend towards the majestic summit sunrise!

Even though most people pick Kilimanjaro for their climb, Mount Meru also offers some special experiences. It’s also known as the fourth tallest mountain in Tanzania.

The mountain has different vegetation zones that you can experience throughout your trek. What the mountain lacks in height it makes up for in the level of challenge. You will need some technical skills and pieces of equipment to scale the mountain.

Some eye-openers – The most fascinating thing about the climb is that you can trek up Mount Meru all by yourself. This offers a more exclusive experience. Fewer individuals have summited Mount Meru than Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mountain Climbing is an expedition that teaches individuals how to overcome challenges. And by trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru, you’ll cherish the challenge in front of you. Thus, don’t hang around here! Set off on your trekking expedition right now.

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