4 days mount meru climbing


Price Per Person Sharing - USD. 1,150

Solo - USD. 1,680

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  • Climb to the summit of the fifth-highest mountain Africa.
  • Spot wildlife in Tanzania’s Arusha National Park.
  • Enjoy the spectacle of the sun rising across the plains, reaching all the way to Kilimanjaro.

When you consider mountaineering in the East African country of Tanzania, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s all about Kilimanjaro. After all, Africa’s tallest mountain has become nothing short of a Tanzanian icon, drawing visitors from all around the world to lay eyes upon its snow-laden peak. But the dormant volcano of Mount Meru is quickly becoming popular with trekkers looking for a new challenge.This dormant volcano towers over Arusha National Park, and a climb to its cloud-capped summit will reward climbers with far-reaching views of endless plains, a close look at fascinating geological formations, and a genuine sense of accomplishment. Read on to discover more about what you can expect from a climb to the very top of Africa’s fifth-highest mountain.

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