Mount Meru Climb

Mount Meru is the second-highest summit of Tanzania, at 14,967 feet. It’s situated in the northern region of Tanzania – right at the heart of Arusha National Park. The mountain is dormant and has been for over a thousand years. A sight to marvel at is from the peak of Mount Meru, where on a clear day, you can see the sight of Mount Kilimanjaro.

A thrilling trekking expedition in the pristine wilderness awaits you!

Mount Meru is often overshadowed by the renowned Mount Kilimanjaro. Nevertheless, a trek up the gorgeous Mount Meru is a real adventure. The Mount Meru Climb experience entails some wonderful vistas and spotting various animals along the way.

What you’ll love the most?

There are several things that you’ll get to enjoy while Climbing Mount Meru. They include stuff like:

  • Witness the charming panoramic vistas of Tanzania – The diverse habitats along the Socialist Peak!
  • Spot various animals along your Mount Meru treks – Wonderful sightings of antelopes and primates!
  • Perfect choice for a tranquil and exclusive hike!
  • A brilliant addition to the Tanzania Safari Tour.
  • No need for any equipment – Because Mount Meru is a hiking mountain (not a climbing one).

Essential points to remember before your Mount Meru Climb!

The primary thing you should keep in mind before trekking Mount Meru is acclimatization. This is very important and you shouldn’t take this lightly. You should follow some basic fundamental regulations like:

  • Drink plenty of fluids on your trek (We recommend 4-5 litres per day)
  • Make sure to keep a slow and steady pace while hiking (We advise a pace that’s two times slower than your usual).
  • Listen to the instructions and advice of the trekking guides.
  • Don’t consume too much coffee before your trekking journey.

Regarding overnight stays – The accommodation facilities for overnight stays on the mountain is in huts only.

Regarding trekking difficulty – Moderate. A general fitness level is good for Climbing Mount Meru. As long as you can comfortably hike around 10 – 12 km. per day, then you can climb the mountain easily.

A great way to prepare for acclimatization!

Mount Meru also offers a unique thing – i.e. to prepare for Kilimanjaro. Yes, Climbing Mount Meru is a great way to prepare for the high acclimatization of Kilimanjaro. This will give you a little glimpse as to what to expect on the larger mountain. But you shouldn’t underestimate Mount Meru either, as it is high enough to bring signs of altitude sickness.

The little sister and the big brother – Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro!

We highly recommend combining the trekking experiences of Mt. Meru and Kilimanjaro. If you have the time, you can experience the best of both worlds! The mountains are located around 70 km from each other. You can first climb Mount Meru, this will help with the acclimatization process and give you a hint of what to expect.

So, are you ready to make unforgettable memories on your Mount Meru Climbing adventure?

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