12 Days Tanzania Trekking and Wildlife Camping Safari


  • Sleep beneath the stars in Tanzania’s most beautiful wild spaces..
  • Meet local Maasai people to acquire a nuanced understanding of their traditions and culture..
  • Explore massive volcanic craters in the highlands of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area..
  • Encounter lions, elephants, leopards, and more in Tanzania’s finest game reserves..

A classic safari in East Africa holds a treasured spot on the bucket list of just about every international traveler. These authentic experiences offer the opportunity to reconnect with nature and come face-to-face with the continent’s most iconic predators: lions, leopards, hyenas, and more—all from the safety of an open 4x4 vehicle. But have you ever yearned for a different kind of African safari? Have you ever daydreamed of traversing the bush under the power of your own two legs, listening to the sounds of the wilderness with a newfound sense of immediacy, and experiencing the thrill of coming across wild animals in the open? Are you fascinated by the vibrant, timeless culture of the Maasai people who call the savanna home? If you’ve ever found yourself considering these questions, our new Tanzania Trekking and Wildlife Camping Safari may be just what you need. We’ve carefully crafted the perfect itinerary to combine the thrill of trekking in the bush with the opportunity to forge real, unscripted connections with local people. Read on to discover what this exciting new safari has to offer.

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Best Time To Visit Tanzania

The best time to visit Tanzania depends on the kind of adventure the traveler wants to experience. .

Tanzania FAQs

Here are some FAQs by travelers coming for a Safari in Tanzania. Going through them, hope you find your answers too..

Tanzania Visa

Most foreign travelers on a Trip to Tanzania need to obtain a visa. Our endeavor here is to help you understand all the visa

Tanzania Safari Packing List

Travelers coming for holidays in Tanzania have endless options to explore. Mountains, beaches, and safaris are all a part of major Tanzania Destinations.

Tanzania Safari Cost

No matter which part of the world you belong to, planning any trip is all about managing the cost. The same goes for Tanzania Safari too.

Tanzania Safari Tipping

Do you need to give tips to your tour guides while on a Tanzania Safari? Well! The answer is a ‘yes’...

Tanzania Foods

Tanzania cuisine is unique and is a must-try while on a safari adventure to the country.Often believed to reflect cultural diversity

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